Take a lesson from Jonah!

We all know the story of Jonah– but do we apply the lesson to our lives? Are we hearing and heeding the voice of God, the Holy Spirit within, and going in the right direction? God calls each of us to a placeJesus fullfilled his mission on earth to work, with a certain person or people group, for a certain period of time.

For some people, it is a life-long calling – like Jesus, for others it’s a short term mission – like Jonah.

Jesus knew his specific assignment was to the lost sheep of Israel and training the 12 disciples. His was a lifetime calling. His focus was to fulfill a strategic plan with certain people in a particular place. On the other hand, Jonah was given a short-term mission, a specific assignment to the people of Ninevah. But instead of agreeing with God, he went the other way and almost destroyed himself, the ship, and those with him in the ship.

God wants us to be willing to trust the assignments he has given us. He wants us to  be strategic with who we concentrate our time on.Jonah running away from his mission from God

Where he calls us and to those he calls us to relate with – are all part of his strategic plan. If God calls you to Philadelphia and you go to Mexico, because you thought it was a better idea, don’t be surprised if you wind up in a load of hot water!

Take a lesson from Jonah. Go where God calls you, stay until your assignment is complete, and be happy when you focus your time and efforts on the success of God’s plan for the lives of others!

For this is also the key to your own success! 

I pray you find you mission and stay the course and achieve the success God has planned for you!

© 2017 John P. Kelly