On August 24, Hurricane Harvey hit the South Coast of Texas as a devastating Category 4 storm with intense winds and rain. Now, flooding from the endless rain throughout Southeast Texas and Louisiana has created a severe tragedy affecting everyone in the region and beyond. Thousands of families needed to be rescued from flash floods and rising water. The fourth largest city in the USA – Houston – is underwater as well as many towns nearby. All Airports, Businesses, Transportation is shut down.

The news stations can only give you a condensed view of the immensity of the problem. Only by being there can you understand the serious loss and life-changing trials and trauma this causes. I know – I went through Category 4-5 Hurricane Hugo in South Carolina and on the island of Aruba. It was catastrophic and took several years to recover.

How you can help: Prayerfully consider donating to Somebody Cares, Int. based in Houston, led by Apostle Doug Stringer. He is a long time friend of mine and member of ICAL. They have years of international/national Disaster Response experience. I know they will put the funds or any resources you could provide to the best use. https://somebodycares.org  and  https://www.facebook.com/SomebodyCaresAmerica

Our home and ministry is 400 miles north of Houston, near the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport. Please pray and see how you can help Apostle Stringer and Somebody Cares