Today we remember December 7, a day of “infamy’ as President Roosevelt said when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor causing the United States to officially enter World War II.  Those who served, such as my Dad Jack Kelly who cleared underwater mines in the Pacific, are known as “the greatest generation.” Tragically, over 60 million people throughout the world, including 25 million soldiers from the nations died during the six years of war.

What they fought as a ‘natural war’ started as a ‘spiritual war’Evil tried to dominate Good.

The spirit and determination of the men and women who crushed that evil are the same kind if people we need today – courageous, never give up, and trained to know what to do, when and how to do it.

Today’s Global War takes leadership with experience and the right mindset to Fight – not people looking for escape from trouble.

Who wants to be with people who have never fought a battle?

At the ICAL Congress in November, I talked about the value of WWII-type apostolic leaders. I don’t believe we need ‘Microsoft’ type leaders to be relevant in today’s culture or generation.  I know they are referring to computers or something, but what apostolic leader really wants to be called ‘micro’ or ‘soft’? Even those employed in cyber warfare understand that they need to be swift and strong, not soft when dealing with cyber invasions!

Today, apostolic leaders need tried and tested leaders to lead them and to war alongside them. People you know you can trust because they have been there and won the wars and know the enemy.

At the ICAL Congress, over 30 leaders from around the world gave us the best wisdom, testimonies, prophetic words, and urgent words of warning we needed to hear. One of the leaders flew in from Uganda with an urgent warning about the rise of FALSE apostles.

I urge you to order the videos today – download them and be equipped to understand what we are facing today and what we need to do about it!

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Building together with Him and you!

John P. Kelly