When faced with a problem, sometimes we think it needs a BIG change and a lot of work to solve it – when it might only take a SMALL change to make a BIG difference.

Last summer, I dropped my I phone in water and it hasn’t worked quite right since. So I finally made an appointment at the Apple store and found out I didn’t need a new phone, I needed to try changing the password to see if that solved the problems.

So, I made a SMALL change and now everything works again!

So why did I wait so long to fix it?

Mainly my schedule, but also because I thought it was going to be a BIG problem to fix it and I don’t like technical stuff.

But – all it took was a SMALL change.

I just needed to face the issue with the right help – get an expert next time.

So what problem are you avoiding because you think it needs a Big change?

Don’t put it off – Solve it today!

© 2018 John P. Kelly