The Eagle Leadership conference led by Apostle John Polis is a powerful time of ministry for every established or emerging leader. Today, more than ever, we need strong leaders based in God’s Word who are willing to be equipped to do even greater things to build the Kingdom of God on earth. I am looking forward to speaking at this special event and meeting with leaders of all generations.

Saturday, March 10th from 9-4pm
Fairmont, West Virginia

Conference Information

Eagles will only eat live prey because they have an appetite for something fresh. This year’s SOS will focus on how to remain fresh in ministry. Topics will include…
• Fresh Vision.
• Fresh Revelation.
• Fresh Anointing.
• Fresh Methods.
• Fresh Relationships.
• Becoming An Equipping Church.
• How To Hear What God Is Saying Today.
• Cultural Relevance: How Far Should We Go?
• Reaching Generation Z
• Surviving The Storms In Ministry

Join Dr. John & Rebecca Polis and his guests Dr. John Kelly, Dr. Dana Gammill, Ap. Pam Lalli, and Dr. Pat Polis and plan for your ministry to soar to a higher dimension by the wind of the Holy Spirit.