I took a team to Santa Cruz, Bolivia to speak at the 2nd Annual Entrepreneurs Conference from February 18 – March 3.  Apostle Alberto Magno invited us for this second event after he received an overwhelming response from this people from the first conference last year. They were amazed to see that we gave them God’s heart and business principles, and not a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme that required them to spend money on special products.

We spoke at the Coliseo Real Santa Cruz where everyone was excited to receive the wisdom and inspiration from our team of experienced business leaders: Annika Daley, Esther Spina and me from the United States and Fernando Guillen and Rene Terra Nova from Brazil. We explained how ‘Doing Business God’s Way’ will bring honor and blessings. The topics included changing worldly mindsets, good business practices, testimonies of failure and success, seeking God for wisdom and knowledge from experts, and much more.

I spoke to pastors and some members of the Bolivian Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (BCAL) about their calling as ministerial leaders who are commissioned to advance the Kingdom of God in their city and nation by teaching and leading the church to be a spiritual, governmental and economic influence in Bolivia.  Everyone received the exhortation and we had a good time of questions, answers, and prayer. God is doing a powerful work in Bolivia – Pray for these leaders to have favor and grace with the influencers in the country.