On April 13-14,  Apostle John P. Kelly and ICAL members Dyke Rodgers, Michael Bolton, Annika Daley, Fabio Bertoni, and Fernando Guillen spoke at the Prosperity Congress in Sao Paulo, Brazil. With over 1,500 attending, everyone said they loved it!

Apostle Estevam Hernandez invited them to share their expertise on Doing Business God’s Way at the Prosperity Congress on Friday-Saturday.

Many business leaders told Ap. Kelly that is was the first time they understood their role as ministers advancing the Kingdom of God in the marketplace.

Michael Bolton shared principles for a successful mindset, thinking biblically gives you wisdom, courage, and effective leadership behavior.

Dyke Rodger shared the real purpose for wealth; be a wealth generator allows you to be a wealth distributor.

The speakers gave testimonies about their impoverished childhood and how they raised up to be successful business leaders – proving the adage – Never despise the day of small beginnings!

Apostle Kelly spoke on the importance of knowing and hearing God’s voice to have greater success and be a witness for the King and the Kingdom with a greater testimony.

Apostle Kelly and his team travel the world imparting invaluable wisdom, knowledge, and experience.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme – but tried and true principles that work. They don’t sell any products – instead prayer is always a major part of these conferences.

Contact Apostle Kelly if you would like to host a biblical Marketplace event.