The power of prayer from all those who have interceded for me in the last several weeks and all those who have been praying at Catskill Mountain Christian Center – unleashed a revival anointing from God!

On Sunday July 8, God gave me a word about an event between Elisha and Joash. I call this message “The Promise and the Passion.”  

I have read 2nd Kings many times and spoken from it – but this time was different!

This time Heaven opened, angels came in, and the people of Catskill Mountain Christian Center had a revival experience.

What happened? God moved through His Word as I spoke and demonstrate it when I preached about what Elisha told King Joash to do to destroy the enemy – and what happened when the king did NOT respond properly to the word of the promise of victory.

God used arrows and a bow and expected the king to have the PASSION – so he would gain the PROMISE.

As I spoke, the anointing of God was so powerful – it was like the word jumped out of heaven and filled the room. God led me to use the microphone to demonstrate and as I ended, Pastor Engelhardt’s son Robert described it, “a righteous anger arose in him (Robert) like a fire.”

At the close of the word, Pastor/Apostle Bob Engelhardt got up and said, “we don’t have arrows – but we have hands” and the people understood their hands represented arrowheads – and by clapping with their hands – they would send arrows into the heart of the darkness in their region….

Well, all the people began clapping, and clapping and clapping. After about 15 minutes, I went into the pastor’s office – but the clapping continued for another 30 minutes for a total of non-stop clapping for 45 minutes.

I was told that they were standing clapping and on their knees clapping with such a roar that it sounded like hundreds of people were coming into the church – clapping! People had visions of angels, they heard the sounds of shofars (there are none), heard words of victory, and much more.

Pastors Bob and Nancy Engelhardt said they didn’t want to touch the anointing because they didn’t want to stop it, but it also seemed like nothing could stop it. It was like ocean waves just kept on coming. Nancy said, “It was an unprecedented move of God!”  

Pastor Nancy said that after Sunday’s extraordinary service with ICAL leader, John Kelly: “I saw every single clap turn into an arrow and turn into an arrow’s head and went directly into the heart of the enemies and then when we were done, the heavens over us were crystal clear as if God was saying the old season has ended – I am your season!”

Now, my question is: Are you aligned with God in His season for your life? Is your church, ministry, or business?

Not sure? Let’s talk about having me in to bring the glory and wisdom of God to release the Passion and the Promise for you and your group!