Time is precious. Jesus spent 3 years training the disciples to understand God, his ways, the Son of God, and how to take the message to the world.

If you are a disciple of Christ, you have been chosen for a very important mission – to take His word throughout the world and make disciples (Matt. 24:18-18).

To know what we face in today’s world – it helps to have the first-hand experience, perspectives and understanding from those on the front line – God’s apostolic leaders.

We need to hear what works – and what does not work to accomplish our mission mandate.

Time is precious – make the most of your time and come to hear from 43 apostolic leaders coming from around the world to the ICAL Congress November 6-8.

Advancing Apostolic Leadership in a Chaotic World will only happen on Nov. 6-8, 2018!

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