Dr. John P. Kelly is recognized internationally as a builder of Christian leaders and master strategist for ministry and business. His experiences as an athlete, high steel bridge builder, educator, businessman, and five-fold minister prepared him to equip thousands of churches and leaders throughout the world for nearly forty years. Dr. Kelly is the Founder and President of John P. Kelly Ministries, Inc. DBA – LEAD, a training ministry for Christian servant leaders to advance the Kingdom of God. He is also the Founder and International Convening Apostle of ICAL (International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders) is currently the largest known Christian society of God-ordained and man-recognized apostolic leaders in the world.


John P. Kelly brings a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and experience to train God’s End Time Warriors. The Lord uses his background as an educator, bridge builder, businessperson, sportsman, ministry developer and many other experiences to inspire and equip men and women to fulfill their destinies.

During the 1960’s, he was a high-steel iron worker on the Verrazano Narrows Bridge in New York and many other prominent bridges; foreshadowing his calling to bridge the gap between God and mankind and people to people. After his dramatic salvation experience with Jesus Christ, he began to minister as an evangelist in prisons and jails and organized The Bridge Ministries, the largest prison ministry on the East Coast until 1985.

In 1980, after establishing several successful local churches, God told Evangelist/Pastor Kelly to “Go wash the feet of the young men and women who would be the End Time Warriors of my Spirit.” He then discovered many non-denominational church leaders who believed God was leading them in a new direction. A network of churches and ministries began to form with John Kelly’s leadership that spread across the United States and into several countries.

As a strong advocate of world missions, he also began training and leading international mission teams. His anointing for reaching, leading and training people in Haiti, Central and South America, Africa and other nations revealed the gift God had given him to be an apostolic leader.

Throughout the years, Apostle Kelly’s reputation as an expert coach on leadership development, vision, missions and various strategies became well known to ministry and business leaders. To advance his pragmatic and biblically principled training, he established John P. Kelly Ministries, Inc., also doing business as LEAD. LEAD is a two-fold acronym: Leadership Education for Apostolic Development (for ministerial leaders) and Leadership Education for Advancement and Development (for Christian entrepreneurial leaders).


Function with a three-fold calling to:

#1 Be a voice concerning the heart of leadership,
#2 Mentor emerging and established leaders and
#3 Give council to leaders in transition.

During the 1990s, Apostle Kelly and other prominent apostles were acutely aware of the need to unite and strengthen leaders in the emerging apostolic movement. In Singapore in 1999, during one of these discussions, he was chosen to establish International Coalition of Apostles (ICA) as a vehicle to advance the Kingdom of God on earth. In 2013, ICA changed its name to ICAL (International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders). Apostle Kelly is the International Convenor of ICAL, which is currently the largest known professional society of apostolic leaders in the world.

Dr. Kelly received his Doctorate of Divinity from Beacon University. He is a consultant for several Christian colleges, small cap corporations and transformational organizations. He is the author of End Time Warriors, Power to Get Wealth and Vision Provision and developer of several MasterBuilderTM Institutes. He speaks on numerous topics including Church Growth, Network and Team Building, Apostolic Leadership, Next Generation, Traveling Ministry, Marketplace Ministry, and Powerful Public Speaking Keys (LeadSpeak TM).


As a high steel iron worker on many bridges on the East Coast of the USA, John P. Kelly learned how to navigate in the most difficult and dangerous situations. Many thousands of men and women have been inspired by his experiences and learned how to successfully walk their own beams of life.

I have known Apostle John Kelly for years and count him as a close co-laboring minister in the Kingdom of God. John is a man of vision and purpose dedicated to building Christ’s Church and fulfilling the prayer Jesus taught us to pray for His Kingdom to come and God’s will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Bill Hamon, Apostolic Overseer of Christian International Apostolic Network, Santa Rosa Beach, FL
His understanding both of the times and what the elect need to focus on and accomplish in this hour are a testimony to his passionate pursuit of the Lord Jesus Christ, and his faithfulness to the apostolic mandate of the Gospel. here is much gold to be mined from this servant of the Lord’s life, I urge you to take full advantage of it.
Mark J. Chironna, Mark Chironna Ministries, The Master's Touch International Church
I have found in my life that men of quality and Godly character are very few and far between. Apostle Kelly has added many new dimensions into the heart of The Father and allowed me to partake of his insight. I have received from this man what no man has taken the time to develop; a relationship based on actual friendship. He gives me space to change, he does not judge and he speaks honor into my life. His gifting in strategies for taking this world for the Kingdom is like no other, he gives his life to build you and in return he believes that you will build more than he has built. He is a platform for more.
Ron DePriest, Balanced Life Ministries, Burleson, TX
John Kelly, in my opinion, is the apostle of practicality! No kidding! His insights and strategies for church, business and relationships in general have amazed and blessed me for years. Never once have I not been successful when following his advice. The fact that I now have access to this man’s wisdom and insights from his new website is fabulous! I can’t wait to hear what my spiritual father has to say to those of us who are pursuing the advancement of the Kingdom of God in all the spheres of society. Bravo!
Mark Pfeifer, SOMA Family of Ministries, Chillicothe, OH
Apostle John Kelly is the last of the John Wayne’s. A godly mans man who is principled and filled with courage and not intimidated by the state of the hour. A truly humble leader who does not have a lust for power and desires to see God’s platforms built under His apostles.
Jill Mitchell O'Brien, President and Founder Kingdom Connections International Inc. Houston, Texas
Kelly lives and breathes the apostolic. He thinks like an apostle and his presence and his message are all about order, government, and leadership. His background in business further enables him to see clearly the times in which we live and to be able to speak to real problems. He doesn’t talk down to people. He speaks the language of the “common man,” although he is quite uncommon in many ways.
If you have the opportunity to hear John Kelly speak or teach on the Apostolic Movement which he has had a great hand in helping to found and establish, don’t miss it! It will probably change your life and ministry.
Ron Cottle, Founder-President Christian Life School of Theology, Apostolic Council of Transformational Servant-Leaders
“Much of my current level of success as America’s # 1 Confidence Coach is due to the influence, mentoring, coaching, and the strategic thinking of John P. Kelly. He is the most intuitive leader and coach I have ever met. If you need real solutions to the problems, crisis and challenges you are facing, his pragmatic wisdom can help you solve your problems. If you are looking to take your leadership and influence to the next level of greater impact, I recommend that you make the effort, take the time, and make an investment in getting this tremendous strategic thinker and leader on your side.”
Keith Johnson, PhD, America's #1 Confidence Coach
John Kelly has been a friend, mentor but most importantly a Spiritual Leader with sincere integrity. Gerry and I have received amazing insight and guidance as we have walked with Apostle Kelly. We are honored to have him be a part of our covering.
Dennis Peacocke, Generational Solutions LLC, Mystic, CT
My wife and I have been greatly enlarged in our spiritual walk as a result of our relationship with John Kelly over the past 15 years. Apostle Kelly is a unique combination of a knowledgeable market place strategist and a wise and prophetic five fold minister. His life is dedicated to encouraging and raising up young leaders, and thousands have benefitted from his keen insights. When he speaks, it behooves you to listen.
Bruce and Sherry Gunkle, City of Refuge Christian Fellowship, San Antonio, TX
John has a very relational quality. He is a teachable leader. Very few apostles at his stage of development change and adjust. Yet I have watched him do so as new information and insight became available to him. To me that is one of the marks of a true leader. He is a very strong leader and feels strongly about his beliefs. He is a man’s man. Yet he also respects and stands behind women leaders. John is a man of purpose whose goals direct him into the future and empower his ability to achieve. I recommend Apostle Kelly as a leader with integrity, character, and Word based beliefs.
Barbara Yoder, Barbara Yoder Ministries
John Kelly is an extraordinary and intense man of God. He is a mentor, a friend, and a father to me. John Kelly is a builder of men. He is practical and simple. For those a little bit far see in him the strong gifts of God only. Better is the wisdom of God. He has the character, the experience for the common life. He is: A lion and a lamb – A thunderstorm – A breeze.
Josimar Salum, Greater Revival Ministries - Worcester, MA USA
Apostle Kelly is a powerful voice in my life. He is instrumental in helping me to continually move forward in ministry. His wisdom, practical advice and affirmation have given me the courage to step into un-chartered waters. How thankful I am that the Lord aligned me with this spiritual giant in the apostolic move of God!
Barbara Wentroble, President & Founding Apostle International Breakthrough Ministries
Apostle John Kelly has made a huge contribution to my life and ministry — especially in the area of Church Leadership. His capable expertise in the field of decisive Apostolic leadership and strategy is unparalleled. And… he not only is a great leader himself, but he is able to teach and mentor others to lead strongly and without apology. Thank you Apostle John, I really appreciate you.
Kluane Spake
John Kelly came into my life just at the right time. In the mid-1990s, I was first entering the apostolic movement, and I was very anxious to meet someone who would typify for me a real, authentic apostle. Then Kelly came along. He was the answer for me. He helped me as much as anyone else, by both his words and his deeds, to understand how apostles are wired by God to lead the church and to advance the kingdom. Through the years he has never let me down! I greatly admire his wisdom, his humility, his servanthood, his decisiveness, his strength of leadership and his authentic character. What a superb role model!
C. Peter Wagner, Vice-President & Apostolic Ambassador, Global Spheres, Inc.
His knowledge and understanding of Biblical principles in the market place, along with his ability to inspire others to passionately pursue and achieve their dreams is a Gift from God. It is vital to stay connected to leaders like Apostle Kelly who have integrity and spiritual insight. I’m honored to call Apostle Kelly my friend and mentor.
Drake LeMaster
Apostle Kelly has been an integral part of my life for over 25 years. He has helped coach the potential within me and supported my vision. He has been connected to every major shift in life from my marriage 19 years ago to my transition to Sr. Pastor at Heritage Church. He’s a confidant and advisor for major personal decisions, offering invaluable advice and connections with both of my businesses. I am honored and blessed to have one of the great Fathers of our generation connected to my life.
Todd Boffo, Heritage Church New Jersey