Bullet Trains: Moving in One Accord

During my trip to Japan in May, I was blessed to ride the Bullet Train between Osaka and Tokyo. My train collection was one of [...]

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Lessons from Jonah: A Lesson for Our Own Success!

Take a lesson from Jonah! We all know the story of Jonah– but do we apply the lesson to our lives? Are we hearing and [...]

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Apostolic Leaders in Times of Terror

My prayers are with the people of England, especially those who have suffered directly from the latest terrorist attack. It is times like this (and [...]

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Is it Time for Fresh Horses?

One thing I spend time praying about when bridging from an old to a New Year is the Horses I am running with. Horses are [...]

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Beware of the Toxic Leader

Beware of the Toxic Leader! Over the past decades of working with people to establish ministries and enterprises, I have observed individuals who are “toxic” [...]

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Knowing God’s Timing

As I prepare to end 2016 and look to the new year, I am reminded of one of my favorite scriptures Solomon wrote, “For everything [...]

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Build Strong Ties of Love

Sept. 23, 2016 The Apostle Paul told the Church to be “knit together and build strong ties of love” (Col.2:2). As I was driving over [...]

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A Greater Passion takes a Greater Patience

One of the things I have learned is that a greater passion for the work of God takes a greater patience with the Processes of [...]

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A Greater Passion Wins a Greater Prize!

During the next two weeks at the Rio Olympics, national passions will be at an all time high. Millions will be cheering on their Nation's [...]

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Building Bridges Requires a Structural Engineer

Part 4 of Bridging to your Destiny: The Structural Engineer Jesus told Peter,  “Upon this rock I will build my Church.” He commissioned Peter and [...]

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