Time is Precious

Time is precious. Jesus spent 3 years training the disciples to understand God, his ways, the Son of God, and how to take the message to [...]

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Keeping our Salt Fresh and Light Bright

To keep our Salt fresh and our Light bright in a world of expanding darkness, we must increase our intake of wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. [...]

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Voices affect your Destiny

Voices are powerful — they can control our destiny. There are four voices we hear in our mind: God, Satan, ours, and what others have [...]

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Crisis Leadership Congress

As I talk with many other leaders around the world, the one thing I hear from each are the critical situations occurring in their government, [...]

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The Distinction of Salt

Jesus said, ‘You are the salt of the earth!’ (Matthew 5:13) Why does Jesus liken his disciples to being like salt? Because it is distinctive! [...]

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Being Salt and Light

My prayer for you today is that you will be God’s Salt and Light to the world – everyday. In Matthew 5:13-15, Jesus says, “You [...]

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Word for 9/11

Today is a day we cannot forget. Here in the USA on September 11, we take time to reflect, pray, and remember all the people [...]

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Encountering Anger

Today, I walked into a Starbucks and two couples where in an angry political discussion. One was very liberal the other very conservative. They were [...]

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Becoming an Apostolic Leader

To be an apostolic leader, one must have a fertile mind and heart to receive the seed of God's Word and will for their life. [...]

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“An Unprecedented Move of God”

The power of prayer from all those who have interceded for me in the last several weeks and all those who have been praying at [...]

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