Celebrate Freedom!

Today, July 4th,  we celebrate the beginning of the United States of America! A country founded on the principles of the Bible, blessed by God, [...]

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Security that Sustains

How many times have we had this happen in our lives: we put trust, hope, time, or love into people, money, or our work only [...]

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Doing the Father’s Will

On Father’s Day this Sunday, we will honor or remember our fathers. Even if we didn’t know or didn’t have a good relationship with an [...]

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The Anointing You are Under

Apostolic Leaders know - the Anointing you are under is the anointing you receive. The Anointing does not come from bible school or seminary - [...]

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Look for the Anointing

True apostolic leaders know they haven't appointed themselves for their own glory or power - but they have been anointed and appointed by God. It [...]

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Keys to Winning a Fight

LeaderAchievers know that positivity and patient self-control does far more good than negativity. As a talent scout for God – I listen to what people [...]

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Passionate Commitment

LeaderAchievers succeed when they follow the Lord’s example when surrounded by chaos, crisis, or concerns. Passionate commitment to the mission is key. Isaiah 9:7 - [...]

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Small Changes – Big Solution!

When faced with a problem, sometimes we think it needs a BIG change and a lot of work to solve it - when it might [...]

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Leadership for Fighting a Global War

Today we remember December 7, a day of “infamy’ as President Roosevelt said when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor causing the United States to officially [...]

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The Greatest Freedom!

“We always pray for you, and we give thanks to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Colossians 1:3). Here in the USA, we [...]

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