June Apostolic Conference in Georgia

On June 28-29 in Columbus, Georgia,  Apostle Kelly will be the keynote speaker for Dr. Ron Cottle's apostolic leadership group. Apostle Kelly will share; revelation, impartation, wisdom, and knowledge for all stages of apostolic development in ministry, business, life principles. Apostle Ron Cottle is a member of ICAL and one of Apostle Kelly's spiritual sons [...]

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Doing the Father’s Will

On Father’s Day this Sunday, we will honor or remember our fathers. Even if we didn’t know or didn’t have a good relationship with an earthly father, we have a true Father in heaven to show our gratitude and love. Over the years, I have learned a lot about being a natural father, a grandfather, [...]

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The Anointing You are Under

Apostolic Leaders know - the Anointing you are under is the anointing you receive. The Anointing does not come from bible school or seminary - it comes from the Holy Spirit who typically uses a Person to transfer it to you. We see this in David who submitted to Samuel’s anointing and Elisha who received [...]

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Look for the Anointing

True apostolic leaders know they haven't appointed themselves for their own glory or power - but they have been anointed and appointed by God. It is the anointing that produces lasting fruit, signs, wonders, and transformation power. The Apostle Paul knew he was not as exciting as some at presenting the Gospel - but "God [...]

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Prayer needed for Apostle Kelly

On May 10, Apostle Kelly was admitted to the emergency room at his local hospital in Texas. He is experiencing pain and ill health in several areas of his body and is currently in ICU. His doctors are treating him with the best methods available. Please pray that he heals swiftly and completely.

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Marketplace Conference Wows Brazil!

On April 13-14,  Apostle John P. Kelly and ICAL members Dyke Rodgers, Michael Bolton, Annika Daley, Fabio Bertoni, and Fernando Guillen spoke at the Prosperity Congress in Sao Paulo, Brazil. With over 1,500 attending, everyone said they loved it! Apostle Estevam Hernandez invited them to share their expertise on Doing Business God's Way at the [...]

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ICAL Annual Congress

As the International Convenor for ICAL (International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders), I am excited about this year's Congress in Dallas, Texas! ICAL has Convenors and/or Ambassadors in over 70 nations working to Advance the Kingdom of God with biblical principles. On November 5 - 9, the Coalition members and their guests will gather from around [...]

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Keys to Winning a Fight

LeaderAchievers know that positivity and patient self-control does far more good than negativity. As a talent scout for God – I listen to what people say: Are they generally positive or negative? Do they have the hope of God in their heart and words - or do they expect the worst is coming over the [...]

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Ministry in Pensacola, Florida

I had a great time with my hosts Apostle/Prophet Russ Moyer and his wife Pastor Mave, leaders of Eagle Worldwide Church, International School of the Prophets, and The Dwelling Place in Pensacola, Florida on March 21-27. They arranged a leader's conference where I spoke on the fundamental principles and foundations of the apostolic and to [...]

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Bolivia Entrepreneurs and Leaders Conference

I took a team to Santa Cruz, Bolivia to speak at the 2nd Annual Entrepreneurs Conference from February 18 - March 3.  Apostle Alberto Magno invited us for this second event after he received an overwhelming response from this people from the first conference last year. They were amazed to see that we gave them [...]

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Passionate Commitment

LeaderAchievers succeed when they follow the Lord’s example when surrounded by chaos, crisis, or concerns. Passionate commitment to the mission is key. Isaiah 9:7 - “His government and its peace will never end. He will rule with fairness and justice from the throne of his ancestor David for all eternity. The passionate commitment of the [...]

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Small Changes – Big Solution!

When faced with a problem, sometimes we think it needs a BIG change and a lot of work to solve it - when it might only take a SMALL change to make a BIG difference. Last summer, I dropped my I phone in water and it hasn’t worked quite right since. So I finally made [...]

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Leadership for Fighting a Global War

Today we remember December 7, a day of “infamy’ as President Roosevelt said when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor causing the United States to officially enter World War II.  Those who served, such as my Dad Jack Kelly who cleared underwater mines in the Pacific, are known as “the greatest generation.” Tragically, over 60 million [...]

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The Greatest Freedom!

“We always pray for you, and we give thanks to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Colossians 1:3). Here in the USA, we celebrate a special time of giving thanks, simply called Thanksgiving Day.  The tradition goes back to 1621 with the Pilgrims who choose to honor God for the harvest, their lives, [...]

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The Warfare for Humility

I think some of the greatest warfare for leaders is with our Egos. The dictionary defines ‘ego’ as conceit; self-importance, the ‘I’ or self of a person.” We could describe it as arrogance or an attitude of superiority. The ego is often tested after a victory, or a series of successful events when a lot [...]

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Crushing the Python Spirit!

This Sunday, God gave me a word about the python spirit trying to bind many of God’s people to demoralize, distract, and destroy. This spirit’s job is to squeeze the life out of people through sickness, financial hardship, loss of purpose, family troubles, etc. It wants to stop us from speaking by crushing the life [...]

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