A Word for 2019

A Word for 2019 by John P. Kelly  Resolutions, Revolutions, and Revelations  The beginning of each year we often hear people talk about making ‘Resolutions’ or setting goals that they resolve to, or hope to, achieve. I must confess that the majority of New Year’s goals that I ever set – I never fully achieved. [...]

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Get Trained to Effectively Influence!

One of my favorite scriptures is 2 Corinthians 10:4, “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds…” The word ‘Warfare’ from the Greek ‘strateia’ means: military service, i.e. (figuratively) the apostolic career (as one of hardship and danger):—warfare. To lead soldiers to battle, [...]

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June Apostolic Conference in Georgia

On June 28-29 in Columbus, Georgia,  Apostle Kelly will be the keynote speaker for Dr. Ron Cottle's apostolic leadership group. Apostle Kelly will share; revelation, impartation, wisdom, and knowledge for all stages of apostolic development in ministry, business, life principles. Apostle Ron Cottle is a member of ICAL and one of Apostle Kelly's spiritual sons [...]

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Rising on Eagles Wings

May 17, 2018 Apostle Kelly thanks everyone for your continued prayers as he recovers from injury to his kidney. He is very encouraged to know so many are praying and care about him. The doctors say it may take up to three months for him to heal. He may be released from the hospital in [...]

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Prayer needed for Apostle Kelly

On May 10, Apostle Kelly was admitted to the emergency room at his local hospital in Texas. He is experiencing pain and ill health in several areas of his body and is currently in ICU. His doctors are treating him with the best methods available. Please pray that he heals swiftly and completely.

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Marketplace Conference Wows Brazil!

On April 13-14,  Apostle John P. Kelly and ICAL members Dyke Rodgers, Michael Bolton, Annika Daley, Fabio Bertoni, and Fernando Guillen spoke at the Prosperity Congress in Sao Paulo, Brazil. With over 1,500 attending, everyone said they loved it! Apostle Estevam Hernandez invited them to share their expertise on Doing Business God's Way at the [...]

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Brazil Entrepreneur Congress

God is doing a mighty work in the nation of Brazil! My team and I are imparting wisdom, knowledge, and courage to build strong businesses with Godly principles at the Prosperity Coaching Congress April 13-14. The focus is on the practical side of building a business: how to handle the different aspects of what it [...]

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ICAL Annual Congress

As the International Convenor for ICAL (International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders), I am excited about this year's Congress in Dallas, Texas! ICAL has Convenors and/or Ambassadors in over 70 nations working to Advance the Kingdom of God with biblical principles. On November 5 - 9, the Coalition members and their guests will gather from around [...]

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Ministry in Pensacola, Florida

I had a great time with my hosts Apostle/Prophet Russ Moyer and his wife Pastor Mave, leaders of Eagle Worldwide Church, International School of the Prophets, and The Dwelling Place in Pensacola, Florida on March 21-27. They arranged a leader's conference where I spoke on the fundamental principles and foundations of the apostolic and to [...]

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Eagle Leadership Conference

The Eagle Leadership conference led by Apostle John Polis is a powerful time of ministry for every established or emerging leader. Today, more than ever, we need strong leaders based in God's Word who are willing to be equipped to do even greater things to build the Kingdom of God on earth. I am looking [...]

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Bolivia Entrepreneurs and Leaders Conference

I took a team to Santa Cruz, Bolivia to speak at the 2nd Annual Entrepreneurs Conference from February 18 - March 3.  Apostle Alberto Magno invited us for this second event after he received an overwhelming response from this people from the first conference last year. They were amazed to see that we gave them [...]

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The Value of a Network in Times of Crisis!

In Matthew 24:6-14, Jesus talked about events at the end of times – wars, famines, earthquakes, and persecution throughout the world… but it is only the beginning of the horrors to come… “but those who endure to the end will be saved and the Good News about the Kingdom will be preached – so that [...]

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Disaster Response Help for Hurricane Harvey Victims

On August 24, Hurricane Harvey hit the South Coast of Texas as a devastating Category 4 storm with intense winds and rain. Now, flooding from the endless rain throughout Southeast Texas and Louisiana has created a severe tragedy affecting everyone in the region and beyond. Thousands of families needed to be rescued from flash floods [...]

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Johannesburg, South Africa News

On July 4, I flew to South Africa at the invitation of Apostle Natasha Grbich, leader of Ariel Gate.  We spent a day touring and meeting at the historic Rand Club, founded in 1887, a year after the city of Johannesburg was formed.  On Saturday, I had a great time speaking at their special Leadership [...]

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Brazil June Praise Report!

On June 14 - 27, I was in Manaus, Sao Paulo, and Goiania, Brazil. My trip began in Manaus with Apostle Rene Terra Nova's Annual Conference. We had an incredible time gathering with the people in his network of churches from all over Brazil and other nations. Over 120,000 gathered to hear us teach and [...]

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Honoring Spiritual and Natural Mothers

Mother’s Day is a time to HONOR not only natural mothers, but  spiritual mothers and all the Mothers of Israel. This reminds me of Deborah, “Now Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lapidoth, was judging Israel at that time… and “Village life ceased, it ceased in Israel, until I, Deborah, arose, arose a mother in [...]

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April Brazil Report

Our trip to Brazil from April 12 - 26 was a huge success! Beginning in Rio de Janeiro at the Prophetic/Business Conference hosted by Fernando and Deborah Guillen (in photo with me), my Lead Global 360° team of David Spina and Annika Daley, Fernando, Fabio Bertoni, myself and other leaders delivered anointed messages to over [...]

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