Today’s leaders face extraordinary challenges that require Godly solutions; anointed and practical answers from sound biblical understanding and decades of practical experience. Since the Holy Spirit told John P. Kelly to: Go wash the feet of the young men and women who would be the End Time Warriors of my Spirit,” he has dedicated his life to training all levels of Christian leaders to attain their God-given destiny. John P. Kelly is known world-wide as an expert on Church Growth, Christian Leadership Concepts, the Apostolic Movement and 5-Fold Ministry outlined in Ephesians 4:11-12.

John P. Kelly is dedicated to:

1.  Mentoring emerging and established leaders
2. Giving council to leaders in transition
3. Being a voice concerning the heart of leadership 

“John Kelly’s [ministry] sphere has enlarged so many leaders in the Kingdom that the effects of his measure of rule now touch three generations. There are men and women in many parts of the world who are his “living epistles” because of the investment he has made in them again and again.”   – Dr. Mark Chironna


The Foundation of Powerful Leadership
Qualities and Traits of an Outstanding Leader
Implementing Strategy and Vision
Church Growth: Quantitative and Qualitative
Bridging the Gap
Leading in a Crisis
Proactive vs. Reactive Leadership
Achieving Higher Levels of Success
How to Successfully Transition life, ministry or business
Equipping People for Lasting Results
Building Ministries, Networks, Businesses
Financing the Mission Vision


God has been raising up apostles, apostolic leaders and apostolic churches to equip and advance His End Time Church. Connecting church leadership and ministries to form apostolic networks encourages exponential growth and a greater impact throughout the nations to advance the Kingdom of God.

As God positions ministers and ministries into networks, some might misinterpret this action as a division or separation from the larger Church. However, divisions can be good, such as with Israel’s tribes; there were divisions with different functions, purposes, and destinies. They came together and united as one body during times of warfare and worship. This is what the Lord has been doing today, raising up vital connections to advance His Kingdom.

In 1999, many established apostolic leaders realized a need to assemble together to share insights, knowledge, wisdom, strategies, the latest news from their nations, and fellowship with their peers. This need birthed ICALInternational Coalition of Apostolic Leaders – the largest known fellowship of its kind in the world today. Over 70 nations are represented by ICAL members.

Apostle Kelly is the International Convening Apostle for ICAL.


There are certain values that are critical to the success of apostles and apostolic networks.
The following is a short list of some of these key values for an Apostolic Network.

  • Proven Character: A deep relationship with Christ: evident in private and public performance and integrity.
  • Priority: Marriage and family take precedence over ministry.
  • Submission: There is true submission and honor of one another.
  • New Testament patterns are valued and emulated by network members.
  • Accountability: Network teams are built upon established, permanent, and transparent relationships and function in accountability.
  • Respect: Men and women function respectfully, reinforcing each other’s strengths, cognizant of each other’s weaknesses, and working together to excel.
  • Discipling People: The focus of the ministry is building lives, not buildings.
  • Relationships: Autonomous and self-governed relationships, functioning inter-dependently, where both are promoted and preserved.