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I Won a Million Dollars!

A true story by Glenn Thomas, CEO of ASi LLC
January 2015

This is Glenn Thomas, CEO of ASi LLC, an advanced metal manufacturing

Our company recently won the Grand Prize in the 43 North Business Plan competition conceived by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and held in October 2014 in Buffalo. This competition drew almost 7,000 entrants from all 50 US states and over 90 foreign countries. It required me to present our business plan repeatedly in successive rounds. I presented before judges comprised of extremely high achievers such as CEO’s of multi-billion dollar corporations, Managing Directors of VC funds who founded Twitter, Flicker and a leading web news site, the CEO of a world renowned cancer institute, and a multi-billionaire and owner of both NFL and NHL teams.

The training I received from John Kelly at LEADSPEAK was INVALUABLE. LEADSPEAK is comprehensive, high powered training, covering topics from content preparation, opening and closing, pitch techniques, how to use humor, how to engage your audience (judges in my case) and much more. You might not win first place and a million dollars by attending LEADSPEAK, but then again, you just might. I did!!!

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” I have attended one of Dr. Kelly’s training on public speaking….. I broke through the fears that I had, by getting up and doing the exercises that are part of the training….. Now that I am in full-time ministry, His training has given me the confidence to utilize the skills that I learned to speak on marketplace ministry as well as confront issues of abuse. I highly recommend this training it’s fun it’s energetic and it will enhance the way you communicate. Thank you Dr. Kelly for this experience.”
Annika Daley, Renton Washington
“John’s teaching is interesting, exciting and is very pertinent to anyone who wishes to improve skills at teaching, preaching and public speaking. Comments from people who heard me speak before and after the class said that my speaking was “more forceful”,” spoken with more authority”, and “more animated and compelling”. Not only did I learn about and practice public speaking, I enjoyed the experience. Thank you John Kelly.”
Emerson Rickstrew, Colleyville, Texas
I thought the LeadSpeak training was incredible, and the value for me was not just gaining a greater knowledge about the mechanics of speaking, but also the practical things I can do that will help me avoid stumbling blocks that keep the audience from receiving my message.
I also found the wisdom of how to work with an interpreter extremely important.
Dan Blacksher, Associate Pastor
“The interaction between the group with each other and the speaker and also the fact that John made it a fun event. The fact that it made you stretch yourself particularly with the impromptu sessions was an excellent skill to learn and get used to. Most importantly staying on schedule…very well done. Another thing that I appreciated was the transparency of how John used his experiences and what lessons he made from his mistakes and the life lesson he digressed to, they were so invaluable.”
Marie Juliano, Lt. Col. (RET. USMC)
I can honestly say that I am changed from the event.
It was wonderful to sit under John and to glean from his experience and anointing. I learned many priceless lessons and also learned that there were some thing I did know and have been doing do it encouraged me and was a confirmation of what the Lord has taught me. I would recommend the seminare to anyone!!!!
Rene Everett
“LeadSpeak is a great place for different level speakers to come together and learn what it means to lead by speaking. The stories John shared were awesome…priceless. The speaking exercises were just right and fun. It was great to see how we all grew in the process. Anyone who has the opportunity to take this course will walk away a better speaker, a better leader, and most important, a better person.”


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