The Warfare for Humility

I think some of the greatest warfare for leaders is with our Egos. The dictionary defines ‘ego’ as conceit; self-importance, the ‘I’ or self of a person.” We could describe it as arrogance or an attitude of superiority. The ego is often tested after a victory, or a series of successful events when a lot [...]

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Bridging to Our Destiny, Part 3 – The Architect

A rchitects are indispensable to build anything of significance. Every major bridge project requires an architect. The greater the bridge, the greater the expertise and experience needed to design it. However, even a little bridge over a stream needs someone with an eye to design the right support structure, decide on building materials, where [...]

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In Memory of Dr. Paul Costa

M y best friend and spiritual son Apostle, Dr. Paul Costa, passed away last night at Baylor Hospital in Grapevine, Texas. At his side; his beloved wife Jan, their son Clark and his wife Alexis, their Pastor Brian Copeland of Gateway Church, Pastor/Apostle Denny Duron of Shreveport, Louisiana (who led Paul to Christ), Jan’s intercessory [...]

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